Excel & Accounting Master Package (EC112418)

Excel & Accounting Master Package
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Boost your knowledge of Excel and accounting with this fantastic course that covers both subject areas. Understanding software such as Excel, and knowing how to utilise its various functions, is an advantage for any computer user, but especially for bookkeepers and accountants who use its facilities to record and interpret data. Get to grips with the fundamentals of Excel, and cover some of the fundamentals of accounting, with this master package that would be a perfect start for anyone wishing to progress their knowledge further.

The Highlights of Excel

The majority of the course is based around the Excel software, with focus on its functions, how to use them and how to make the most out of the software, no matter what you’re using it for. You will cover the features that are present in more recent releases of Excel, as well as the features that have existed since day one. You will also cover three bite-size topic areas that focus on some accounting basics, including the separate entity concept, the accounting equation and the dual effect of double entry transactions (debits and credits).

Work Online, at your Own Pace

Don’t worry; you won’t have to travel to study centres and classrooms to progress through the course. You can complete it in your own time, whenever you fancy, because it’s solely delivered online. All of the resources that you need will be available at your fingertips, at just a click of the mouse. Take the final examination online too – it’s that easy! It won’t be long before you’re a competent user of Excel and the foundation knowledge of accounting will be a great stepping stone if you’re taking your studies further.

Key Learning Points

In all, there are four individual units that make up this course syllabus; three of these concern the features of Excel and how to use them. Therefore, this course shouldn’t just appeal to those wishing to venture into accountancy, but also for those who wish to look after their own accounting and bookkeeping using the Excel package.

  • Gain insight into Excel 2016, with an introduction that will encourage you to perform common Excel tasks such as create tables and format data
  • Learn how to apply formula and functions, to perform simple calculations and analysis.
  • Learn how to edit the spreadsheets using cell and row formatting.
  • Learn how to create charts and tables, which can be essential to display findings when interpreting data such as transactions and balance sheets.
  • Progress through the Excel 2016 online training, comprising of three modules – basic, intermediate and advanced – which will take you through the simplest of functions, right through to creating a sparkline, editing formulae, working with XML data and conditional formatting.
  • Boost knowledge even further and be brought up to date with the more recent features of Excel 2013, again covering basic, intermediate and more advanced functions.
  • Learn how to use macros, pivot tables and the watch window.
  • Get to grips with more advanced formula and functions, which can be applied to multiple cells in a spreadsheet.
  • Learn how to work with external data sources.
  • Using transcripts, exercises, questions and answers, learn the basics of bookkeeping including profit/loss accounts, balance sheets and the trial balance.

Advantages of this course

  • Huge range of learning materials to suit your individual learning profile, including interactive videos, tutorials, games, transcripts and practice activities that can aid retention.
  • Resources available for a full 12 months; learn at your own pace, whenever you like.
  • Courseware support if you need help navigating the site.
  • Test yourself with multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank style questions, so that you can monitor your progress throughout.
  • Technical support available, via phone and email, should you need to solve any issues.
  • Microsoft Office specialist examination also available.
  • Learn to do your own books and save money as a business owner.
  • Gain confidence in your current business admin role, or give yourself a headstart when job hunting.
  • Boost your skill set and add the achievement to your CV!

Essential software like Excel can be used in a variety of professional settings…sign up to this course today and learn everything that you could need to know to use it competently and confidently.


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