Hotel Management Diploma

Hotel Management Diploma
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If you thrive to be in a fast-paced working environment, and want to improve your knowledge of the hospitality industry at the same time, then look no further than a career in hotel management!

As hotel chain owners are opening new hotels in various locations worldwide, the demand for trained hotel management professionals is huge! So if you have a high level of interpersonal skills and etiquette then this course is the perfect compliment to your portfolio.

In the role of hotel manager you will be responsible for the day-to-day organisation of a hotel and its staff. You will have commercial accountability for budgeting and financial management, as well as planning, organising and directing all hotel services. This highly regarded post will rise opportunity for you to be able serve front-of-house (reception, concierge, reservations), food and beverage operations, and housekeeping.

Why should I enrol onto this course?

Enrol onto this course and gain skills to work for an industry that is different to any other as these skills will allow you to work anywhere in the world.

If you love variety, you’ll also love the fact that working in hospitality is never dull. Whether it’s a new challenge or the opportunity to travel to different places, this type of spice makes it very easy to wake up in the morning and feel excited about heading to work for the day.

In addition to the many benefits, a career in hospitality will also present you with a chance to earn a very good living without having to abide by the traditional 9 to 5 working spectrum.

The programme is organized into easy-to-manage modules, which will play an important part towards your learning interests and give you further scope for specialising as you become more experienced.


This course will teach you everything you need to know to run a successful hotel, from communicating with guests to engaging with staff and maintaining front of house duties, whilst ensuring rooms are serviced to the highest standard and so much more.

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Know what is meant by ‘hospitality’ in hotels.
  • Understand how final accounts are prepared for a business to show its financial position as well as understand the purpose and technique of double entry bookkeeping and how the trial balance system is used to check the accuracy of records.
  • Discover the meaning of leadership, motivation, training and development and understand the 4 styles of management and recognize situations where each approach is best utilised.
  • Recognise the purpose of a job analysis, description and specification and look at Information you would expect to find within a job specification.
  • Gain knowledge of the procedures of the recruitment and section process and identify what characteristics are required in the Hotel Industry.
  • Learn the difference between an establishment, a firm and an industry.
  • Examine the advantages of career development for an employer and employee.
  • Get to grips with the principle steps of an interview.
  • Explore the basic employer/employee rights, grievance and disciplinary procedures as well as assess the purpose of a Trade Union and how they achieve their goals.
  • Recognise the need for clear communication in the workplace and learn about company requirements in terms of planning, policy, organisation and coordination in a company.
  • Identify the environmental considerations when designing a hotel including comfort, luxury and functionality.
  • Explore the role of the accommodation Manager and the accommodation team including front office, maintenance and housekeeping and identify the building requirements and criteria for selecting linen and bedding.


  • No pre-requisite to enrol on to this course.
  • Fast track your career with the knowledge, insight and information that you will learn by completing this course.
  • Enjoy the convenience of studying from anywhere at any time, using any device.
  • Study online at your own pace and in your own time.
  • At the end of each unit there is a multiple choice question assessment, which is a great way to help you remember the main points of each lesson and confirmation that you have retained the essential knowledge.
  • Once you have successfully completed all the modules for your course, you will be awarded: Endorsed Diploma.
  • Accounting
  • The Hotel and Catering Industry
  • Personnel Management
  • Job Analysis, Description and Specification
  • Recruitment
  • Worker/Employee Rights
  • Worker Representation
  • Organisation
  • Sources and Storage of Information
  • Types of Control
  • The Hotel Industry
  • Equipment
  • Buildings
  • Classification of Accommodation
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Online Course
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