Events Management Business Bundle (EC113616)

Events Management Business Bundle
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Events management combines project management and hospitality to create and develop events on a large scale. Events such as festivals, parties, concerts, conventions and conferences all need rigorous planning to ensure they run smoothly for all in attendance. The Events Manager is the spine of any event and in this role, you will utilise your eye for details, time management and leadership qualities to manage events across creative and corporate sectors.

Our Events Management Diploma has been combined with an Effective Planning and Scheduling programme and a Budgets and Managing Money course. Effective Planning and Scheduling will help you to understand the importance of how to lay out a schedule from a project and adhere to it from start to finish. Finally, Budgets and Managing Money will give you a working understanding of finance, ensuring that your events stay within budget while making enough money to be considered a success.

This package of courses is sure to kick-start your career as an events management business owner.


  • Gain a complete overview of Event Management.
  • Establish the event management planning process, gain an understanding of key characteristics that will lead to a successful event and identify the functional context in which event management exists.
  • Identify the types of planning required of event managers and discover the personal characteristics used in event planning.
  • Examine your own personal characteristics through imagery, reflection and assessment.
  • Gain an awareness of the personality benchmarks favored by those who are hiring or employing an events manager.
  • Develop an awareness of human relations, relating to management functions and gain an insight into a working model for human relations in event management.
  • Establish an awareness of employer behavioural expectations for each major function in event management.
  • Explore the planning process for Catering, Food and Beverage administration and identify how to improve the "customer satisfaction" component of a successfully catered event.
  • Get to grips with the personal characteristics that are needed to successfully plan for a catered special event as well as identify and understand the external considerations of planning a catered special event.
  • Explore the importance of marketing in the event management context and develop an awareness of the marketing strategy.
  • Gain a general understanding of the function of fundraising in event management and ascertain the planning considerations required for fundraising.
  • Understand everything about following a career in event management.
  • Define projects and project management
  • Understand a project’s lifecycle
  • Become familiar with the basics of project planning and scheduling
  • Complete Statement of Work and/or a project charter
  • Define basic financial terminology
  • Prepare a budget of any type or size
  • Getting your budget approved
  • Perform basic ratio analysis
  • Make better financial decisions
  • How to make your company ISO compliant


  • Plan events that are enjoyable for all attendees
  • Work out a budget and stick to it
  • Plan and co-ordinate your events effectively
  • See your project through from start to finish
  • 12-months access to the course content
  • 24/7 course content access available anytime, anywhere