Telephone Etiquette

Telephone Etiquette
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Telephones are usually the frontline of customer service and the meaning of telephone etiquette can sometimes be difficult to describe, but it is something that is crucial to upholding great communication, inside and outside of the office.

Good telephone etiquette will help you to show confidence in a challenging situation, or on the receiving end of an angry or rude caller, you will get an insight into effective tips to handle any telephone conversation, which way it flows.

By improving how you communicate on the telephone and enhancing basic communication skills, you will improve on almost every aspect of their career, whether the connection is Skype, teleconference platforms or mobiles.


In this course, you will learn:

  • Aspects of phone etiquette
  • How to use proper phone language
  • How to eliminate phone distractions
  • Handling inbound calls
  • Making effective outbound calls
  • How to handle rude or angry callers
  • Handling interoffice calls and voicemail messages
  • Methods of training employees
  • How to correct poor telephone etiquette


  • Learn how to handle any telephone conversation, no matter what way the conversation flows
  • Transferable phone skills that can be taken into any organisation in any industry
  • Implement your knowledge as soon as you’ve finished the course
  • Have a positive influence on your organisation
  • Defuse difficult situations and customers
  • Getting Started
  • Aspects of Phone Etiquette
  • Using Proper Phone Language
  • Eliminate Phone Distractions
  • Inbound Calls
  • Outbound Calls
  • Handling Rude or Angry Callers
  • Handling Interoffice Calls
  • Handling Voicemail Messages
  • Methods of Training Employees
  • Correcting Poor Telephone Etiquette
  • Wrapping Up
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Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android