Accounting Skills for New Supervisors

Accounting Skills for New Supervisors
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You may think that accounting is not in your job description, even getting nervous when someone mentions a few buzzwords: depreciation, budgets, cash flow? They all seem very technical, and most importantly, like something you wouldn’t want to get involved in without this specialist knowledge.

But accounting skills are important for you, they will help you to succeed in today’s business world and simplifying these financial terms and expressions is easier than you think. This course will teach you the fundamentals of finance and accounting, as well as the best financial solutions for any issues you are facing in the workplace including the right software to use depending on requirements, situations you may face and an in-depth look at applicable concepts.

Your Job Role

Don’t panic – you are not an Accountant, you will also not be starting an entirely new career path (unless of course you want to, we have for that too!). Nevertheless, having the skills of an Accountant will provide you with a skillset that will boost your CV and make you a versatile member of the team.


  • The art of finance and financial management
  • Key financial terms
  • Your role in company finances
  • Where to find your industry’s rules and regulations
  • Various types of financial reports
  • How a chart of accounts is created
  • Cash and accrual accounting
  • Single and double entry bookkeeping
  • Debits and credits
  • Identifying and analysing important financial data
  • Making financial decisions
  • Reading annual reports
  • Determining whether a company is financially high or low risk
  • Different types of financial plans for organisations
  • What budgets are and how to prepare them
  • What computer skills and programmes you need to master to make you a financial whiz
  • Dealing with financial situations that impact the people that work for them


  • Learn the skills of an Accountant without needing to become one!
  • Stand out from the rest of your colleagues with this useful skillset.
  • Learn accounting methods that will help you both professionally and personally.
  • Extracurricular resources given so you can build further on your newfound knowledge.
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