Basic Internet Marketing (Arabic)

Basic Internet Marketing (Arabic)
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More so than ever, companies are utilising the internet to increase their marketing efforts in a bid to boost ROI, and this trend is set to grow exponentially over the next few years and for many years to come. This course is ideal for you if you are new to the idea of internet marketing, or have your own business and want to spread awareness or increase exposure by utilising the internet and all the marketing means it has to offer.

The course will help you lay the foundations for an effective internet marketing strategy that you can use to boost awareness of your business with the view to increase ROI and sales to help you avoid being one of the 75% of businesses that fail within the first 18 months.


  • Determine how your internet marketing strategy fits with your overall marketing plan
  • Apply techniques to influence and engage your target market
  • Weigh out the value of using a distribution service for email marketing campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • How to boost your marketing results through online advertising
  • Adjusting your internet marketing plan based on metrics and reporting


  • Instantly put your knowledge to work and create internet marketing campaigns
  • The internet has over 3 billion users, utilise this incredibly powerful tool to drive ROI
  • Skills and knowledge that can be used across any industry
  • Ideal for business owners
  • Extracurricular resources given so you can build further on your newfound knowledge
Course Code
Online Course
Course Access
1 Year
Exams Included
1 gigahertz (GHz)
1 GB
Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Google Chrome
Safari 6 or above
Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android