CompTIA Mobility+ (MB0-001) Certification

CompTIA Mobility+ (MB0-001) Certification
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These days, more and more people are working from their mobile device as much as or if not more than from a computer, so mobile device management is a much in-demand skill with employers. If you’re keen to prove you’re serious about your mobile management skillset, getting certified with the internationally recognised CompTIA is the obvious place to start. This great-value online course is expertly designed to give you a great working knowledge of mobile device management, troubleshooting and network infrastructure.

Is It For Me?

CompTIA Mobility + is a great course to have under your belt if you’re keen to specialise as an IT professional who can deploy, integrate, support and manage a mobile environment while ensuring that the proper security measures are maintained across devices and platforms to mitigate the potential risks and threats that are all too common these days.

What Does the Course Involve?

The five modules of this easy-to-access course are designed and delivered by experts who use their real-world experience to give you a hands-on approach to building your new skillset.The self-paced nature of the course means you can study at your own pace, revisiting and skipping content as and when you need to.


Get certified in the challenging, exciting and ever-expanding area of mobile device management.

  • First, learn about over-the-air technologies with sections devoted to WIMAX, radio frequency, RF power fun, antennas, governing bodies and regulations, and more.
  • Get to grips with all you need to know about network infrastructure including network foundations, OSI model review, wireless terms and technology, wireless media and communication, unified wireless architecture and SSIDs and VLANs.
  • Learn about mobile device management, profiles and policies, enterprise mail and messaging, wireless site surveys and wireless device management.
  • Master the crucial area of security including mobile device security, network security, security protocols, EAP overview, encryption overview, common security troubleshooting, wireless risks and other risks.
  • Finally learn all you need to know about wireless troubleshooting.


  • Get ahead of the competition by investing in your career in the sought after area of mobile device management.
  • Ask your employer to invest in this time and cost-effective training for you by using the ‘convince your boss’ tool.
  • All instructors have at least 15-years’ professional experience and draw on this to provide hands-on scenarios that you can relate to in your job.
  • Visual demonstrations and multimedia presentations are all used to create the best possible learning environment for all types of learners.
  • Intuitive navigational controls and the freedom to fast forward and rewind as you study across all your devices at a time that suits you, means you can create your own bespoke learning experience.

Get upwardly mobile in your IT career today by signing up to CompTIA Mobility +.

Over-The-Air Technologies
  • Introduction
  • Over-The-Air-Technologies
  • 802.11 Wireless Technologies - Part 1
  • 802.11 Wireless Technologies - Part 2
  • Radio Frequency
  • RF Power Fun
  • Antenna’s
  • Issues With RF
  • NON 802.11 Wireless
  • Governing Bodies And Regulations
Network Infrastructure
  • Network Foundations - Part 1
  • Network Foundations - Part 2
  • Network Foundations - Part 3
  • Network Foundations - Part 4
  • OSI Model Review
  • Wireless Terms And Terminology - Part 1
  • Wireless Terms And Terminology - Part 2
  • Wireless Media And Communication
  • Unified Wireless Architecture
Mobile Device Manager
  • Mobile Device Management - Part 1
  • Mobile Device Management - Part 2
  • Profiles And Polices - Part 1
  • Profiles And Polices - Part 2
  • Enterprise Mail And Messaging
  • Wireless Site Survey’s - Part 1
  • Wireless Site Survey’s - Part 2
  • Wireless Site Survey”s - Part 3
  • Wireless Site Survey”s - Part 4
  • 802.11Wireless Device Management - Part 1
  • 802.11Wireless Device Management - Part 2
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Network Security 101
  • Security Protocols - Part 1
  • Security Protocols - Part 2
  • Security Protocols - Part 3
  • EAP Overview
  • Encryption Overview - Part 1
  • Encryption Overview - Part 2
  • Common Security Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Risks - Part 1
  • Wireless Risks - Part 2
  • Other Risks
  • Wireless Troubleshooting - Part 1
  • Wireless Troubleshooting - Part 2
  • Wireless Troubleshooting - Part 3
  • Conclusion
Course Code
Online Course
Course Access
1 Year
Exams Included
1 gigahertz (GHz)
1 GB
Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Google Chrome
Safari 6 or above
Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android