Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy
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Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving a person’s present mental and emotional well-being through recollecting significant past events that are believed to be interfering. It is usually put into practice when people seek treatment for phobias, depression, intimacy issues and other concerns. It’s believed that through revisiting and reliving the early experiences that influenced the development of the issue, that the person can overcome whatever it is that’s holding them back.

This regression therapy course will provide a foundation for regression work, with this practice becoming increasingly recognised as a powerful and therapeutic tool. Although much regression work is performed simply for its curiosity value, therapeutically it can be a valuable technique for modifying past-life influences on current life patterns.

The three levels of consciousness in regression therapy, which will also be covered in this course include:

  • The conscious mind that represents the thoughts and emotions a person is aware of having and feeling
  • The subconscious mind, which represents emotions, habits and instincts a person is unaware of having
  • The superconscious mind, otherwise known as a spirit, soul, or higher element of a person which dictates thinks, acts, interacts, and behaves in and with the world around them


  • Learn about the history of regression and regression therapy
  • Journey of the soul
  • Preparation for Past Live Work
  • Symptoms
  • Past-life Situations
  • Therapy


  • Learn about the history of regression, from Sigmund Freud develop the concept of bringing unconscious to the conscious, through to the development of regression therapy as a tool to recollect past events
  • Learn the principles and processes behind recollection
  • 24/7 access to the course content, study anytime, anywhere!
  • 12-months course duration, but don’t worry, it won’t take that long to complete! You complete the course in your time
  • History of Regression
  • Journey of the Soul
  • Preparation of Past Life Work
  • Symptoms
  • Past-life Situations
  • Therapy
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