Healthy Cooking Course with 21 International Recipes

Healthy Cooking Course with 21 International Recipes
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Discover the ‘Chef’ in you and improve your understanding of the principles behind home cooking. Developed by celebrity chefs who are passionate about cooking, this course will teach you how to make mouth-watering meals from scratch. The course is delivered by a professional chef who will instruct you with technique-focussed skills that you need to create different and delicious recipes. You’ll learn to make many dishes, including Ricotta Gnocchi (Nyoki), pizza tarts, spanakopita, soufflés, chowders and much more.

We use only the world’s finest instructors who have a minimum of 15 years real world experience and are experts in their fields. Unlike a live class you can fast-forward, repeat or rewind your lectures, enabling you to fully understand each topic before moving on. This creates a personal learning experience and gives you all the benefits of hands on training with the flexibility of fitting it in around your busy schedule. This course is the perfect foundation for people considering a career as a chef and is a useful tool to progress to more advanced learning.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, a keen cook who wants to improve their range and skills, or you’re looking for a foundation in cookery for career advancement this course is for you.


This course takes an in depth look at culinary skills and techniques, ingredients and recipes, all taught by a professional chef. Our course features instructor-led demonstrations and visual presentations that allow students to develop their skills step-by step. You will focus on:

  1. Ingredients - Learn about the best ingredients to use, from the humble potato to tricky filo pastry. Explore seasoning, herbs, spices and how to combine them to produce the best taste.
  2. Techniques - Learn how to use and handle kitchen equipment with confidence and cooking techniques such as making the perfect soufflé.
  3. Recipes - Learn how to cook 21 different international recipes with skill and ease, including Ricotta Gnocchi (Nyoki), spanakopita and chowders.


By taking this course you will build upon the cooking skills that you already have and gain a better understanding of ingredients, technique, processes and recipes. You will also build a foundation of knowledge that you be the stepping stone to further training and career advancement in this field. The benefits include:

  • An improved understanding of the basics of cookery
  • Increased confidence with different ingredients and techniques
  • An increased knowledge of food from all over the world and the ability to cook international dishes
  • Learn from a professional chef with many years experience
  • The potential to advance your career prospects
  • Learn at your own pace and fully understand each principle

Buy this course today and acquire the skill to make complex and impressive dishes for family and friends. Start whipping up healthy yet mouth-watering meals!!

  • Introduction to Healthy Cooking
  • Learn how to make tasty Wonton
  • Yummy and Rich Tomato Basil
  • A great recipe for Ricotta Gnocchi (Nyoki)
  • Easy-to-Follow Potato Gnocchi (Nyoki)
  • A really quick and easy Pizza Tart
  • Make your own delicious Pesto
  • Find the recipe for Potato Pancakes
  • Learn how to make Crostini
  • Thick and creamy Fish Chowder
  • Delicious Fritters
  • How to make Risotto
  • How to make yummy Risotto Cakes
  • Get this delicious and easy-to-follow Spanakopita
  • Warm and Satisfying Vegetable Puree Soup
  • The key to great Corn Chowder
  • Most popular Japanese recipe Tempura
  • Find the recipe for Panko Crusted Chicken
  • Preparing Pork Tender loin
  • Easy, delicious Potato Crusted Salmon
  • Enjoy vegetables with Grilled Veggies Part 1, 2, 3
  • How to make Perfect Veggie Risotto Part 1, 2, 3
  • Outro
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