Farming Management

Farming Management
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Farm management is the decision making that is involved in organising and operating a farm for maximum production and profit. This management can be on any scale, from a farm which provides its produce to outlets internationally or nationwide, or a local hobby farm which has been started on a small allotment.

Agricultural economics are crucial to farm management as it draws on prices, markets, and policies for information on how to best manage the output for maximum gain.

This course will provide you with the skill you need to work with your own farm, which will help you to establish the skills, knowledge, and financial backing you need to farm profitably on a larger scale. This course is suitable for current farmers, or farm workers, who wish to increase the size of their farm. It is also suitable for people who are switching an urban lifestyle for the farming way of life.


  • The Scope and Nature of the Farm Industry
  • The Farm Site
  • Production Systems
  • Managing Livestock, Pastures and Crops
  • Managing Equipment and Materials
  • Computer Applications
  • Farm Structure and Building
  • Financial Aspects
  • Marketing
  • Farm Planning
  • Staff Management
  • Water Management
  • Diversification


  • Implement the knowledge you learn as soon as you finish the course.
  • Assessments to back up knowledge as you work your way through the course.
  • Move to a more natural way of life and hobby by becoming a farm owner.
  • The scope and nature of the farm industry
  • The farm site
  • Production systems
  • Managing livestock, pastures and crops
  • Managing equipment and materials
  • Computer applications
  • Farm structure and buildings
  • Financial aspects
  • Marketing
  • Farm planning
  • Staff management
  • Water management
  • Diversification
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