Home Makeover Course (EC113618)

Home Makeover Course
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The definition of makeover is a radical change in appearance. Usually it describes a human being, and a change in fashion sense, hairstyle or makeup choices, but after the boom of home makeover TV shows in the mid 2000’s, the name also became synonymous with people’s abodes and people like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, remember him?

Our Home Makeover course will combine the Interior Design Diploma and the Furniture Restoration course. You will learn how to use the best knowledge to improve your home with the latest décor and restore any piece of furniture and salvaged in pre-loved furniture and furniture from yesteryear.


  • Learn the origins of Interior design.
  • Understand influences through the ages.
  • Discover great Designers of our recent past.
  • Explore defining a style.
  • Learn how to work with space.
  • Learn how to work with colour.
  • Learn the seven design elements which influence a finished interior and the inter-relationship between each:
  • Explore soft goods and hard goods.
  • Discover the various flooring types – hard floors, carpets, rugs their suitability and safety.
  • Understand the influence of lighting - natural daylight, artificial lighting.
  • Lean about the various types of wall paper for different room in the house.
  • Understand the different types of window frames.
  • Discover all different types of doors available.
  • Learn how to ad colour to a room by discovering and comparing various fabric types.
  • Learn how to ‘complete the look’ by looking at the different accessories available to add to each room as a ‘finishing touch’.
  • Learn how Create a file, Determine the size of your project, create a budget.
  • Learn what a floor plan is and the create one, sketch the room, learn how to measure the area and create a scale drawing.
  • Space planning – Consider the arrangement of objects and spaces, determine the best layout.
  • Choosing a colour scheme – Look at colours and shades to suit each room.
  • Choosing flooring – Look at various decorative floors and consider which are practical and cost-effective surfaces for each area of the house.
  • Choosing wall treatments – Explore different wall types and determine how to chose wall treatments and accommodate for the different types of rooms in the house.
  • Choosing lighting – Three basic types, General lighting, Task lighting, Accent lighting.
  • Learn to consider cost, availability, assess natural daylight in each room.
  • Learn how to work with existing furniture and sourcing similar styles.
  • Learn to factor comfort into your suggestions and choices.
  • Learn to save time by looking at your choice of colour scheme to narrow the range of furniture when you are sourcing.
  • Evaluate space to see if you can accommodate more furniture.
  • Learn to source furniture within a given budget.
  • Learn how to choose window dressings.
  • Learn what factors need to be considered when arranging furniture in a room.
  • Learn how to bring the room together with soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, ornaments and pants etc.
  • Discover the Tools of the trade.
  • Learn how to make a living from Interior design and how to create a Business plan
  • Learn how to keep yourself safe when working
  • Identify antiques, how to inspect furniture and how to decide what is worth repairing and what isn’t
  • Learn how to make various types of repairs including loose joints, stripping furniture, repairing dents and fractures, staining wood and varnishing wooden furniture
  • Explore tools and equipment you will need and how to use them


  • Understand key design and home makeover concepts and principles.
  • Know the difference between ordinary and antique furniture.
  • Cover everything from performing small repairs, stripping back and polishing wood and mending any dents and scratches.
  • Learn safety tips to reduce risks to injury at the workplace.
  • A thorough understanding of tools and how to use them.
  • 12-months access to the course content.
  • 24/7 online access to the course content.