Moon Gardening Diploma

Moon Gardening Diploma
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Discover how the moon can help to enhance your garden, and improve harvest without fertiliser throughout the 12 months of the year. Our course journey will help you understand that plants grow healthier and are sturdier if you work with them at the right time.

The moon travels within 27.2 days through the 12 zodiacal sign. You will learn how each sign has a certain element of influence on a particular day and how that rules over a part of a plant. Learn how Aries is a fire day, which rules over fruit, therefore, at that particular time understand that the warmth of the day can be felt in the soil and that plants planted during fire days need more water.

This course is for anyone who is interested in gardening. It promises to be fun and packed with all the knowledge you need for your garden adventure.

How will I study?

This fun-filled, self-paced programme is organised into 5 easy-to-digest easily accessible modules; therefore, you will find learning is easy to fit around your existing commitments.

Key Learning Points

  • Gain general information about the moon.
  • Discover the relationship of the moon to the Earth.
  • Understand mans perception of the moon throughout history.
  • Learn about the power of the moon and it’s phases.
  • Understand the link between the zodiac and moon calendar.
  • Learn about the preservation of the harvest.
  • Identify the plants that can work well together.
  • Learn the process of the tasks associated with the calendar and zodiac for March to May.
  • Identify the tasks that can be aided by the calendar and zodiac for June to August .
  • Identify the tasks that can be aided by the calendar and zodiac for September to November.
  • Learn when is best to repeat the process of the harvest.
  • Learn why December is best for looking at indoor plants.
  • Identify the tasks and processes that can be enhanced by the calendar and zodiac for Dec-March.

Advantages of this course

  • Enjoyable for anyone who has passion for gardening.
  • Access the course at anytime that suits you, in a place of your choice 24 hours a day.
  • Gain the knowledge to take care of and improve your own garden.
  • Utilise this knowledge to kick-start a career in gardening.
  • At the end of each unit test yourself with a multiple choice question assessment. This will help you remember the main points of the lesson and act as a check that you have retained the essential knowledge and understanding of that particular section.
  • Gain a endorsed Diploma for your portfolio.
Module 1
  • General data of the moon
  • Numbers and facts
  • History of the moon
  • Why using the power of the moon is a good idea
  • The journey through the zodiacal signs
  • Different moon phases
  • Zodiacal signs and their quality
  • Moon calendar
Module 2
  • March – what to do and when
  • April – what to do and when
  • May – what to do and when
  • What plants work well together which not
  • Samples of experiments with the qualities of the days
Module 3
  • June – what to do and when
  • July – what to do and when
  • August – what to do and when
  • Harvesting and preservation tips
  • How to fight bugs
  • Some more samples of experiments
Module 4
  • September – what to do and when
  • October – what to do and when
  • November – what to do and when
  • Focus on giving animals which want to survive the winter in our garden a nice warm spot
  • Cleaning out the pots and green house
  • Starting getting ideas about new plans for the next year and how to deal with them
Module 5
  • December – having a look at how to deal with pot plants in our house which we use throughout the year of course
  • January – colour and moods – which sign is best to make decisions – which signs are the worst and which sign reigns over which colour
  • February – starting again some work in the garden
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