Azeri Online Course – Level 1

Azeri Online Course – Level 1
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Azerbaijani, also called the Azeri, is the most widely spoken language in Azerbaijan. This poetic language is influenced by Persian, Arabic, and Turkish, and has gradually replaced most languages in Northern Iran, making it the perfect gateway to other Turkish languages.

Azerbaijani contains several dialects within itself. By learning either Northern or Southern Azerbaijani, you will be able to pick up many more new dialects and forms of speech within this language.

Azerbaijan, home to oil fields, and folklore, is also a country that has several diplomatic relations with other countries and it has created many international ties, therefore the Azerbaijani language could be very beneficial for building connections with.


  • As a language enthusiast, you have much to gain from this course. You will develop the confidence to interact and build yourself a network platform across the miles
  • As part of your online learning you will gain an insight to the Azerbaijani people, food, religions and their traditions
  • This rewarding course will provide you with fundamental skills to be able to confidently interact in this exclusive language
  • You will discover the keywords and phrases to gain insight into the local culture and your surroundings
  • You will recognise the alphabet and the sounds in Azeri and be able to use the numbers 1-20
  • Meet and greet people with a general introduction using simple greetings
  • Enjoy using colours and implementing them as descriptive words them in conversations
  • Gain an understanding of the days of the week and be able to ask and tell the time
  • Confidently talk about professions, various countries and the area in which you live
  • Exchange your phone number and contact details
  • Explore food and drinks in Azeri and discuss your preferences


  • One of the most phenomenal benefits of learning a new language is that doors are opened to you around the world.
  • You will be presented with an opportunity to establish deep connections and cross-cultural friendships.
  • You will become a supporter of languages and contribute towards preserving Azeri.
  • You will gain the chance to better understand different kinds of people and help with charity work to help tackle global challenges such as poverty and inequality.
  • Research has proven that one of the most valuable benefits of studying another language is improved health – It will keep your brain strong and sharp, healthy mind equals a healthy body.
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