English Online Course (Canadian) – Level 1

English Online Course (Canadian) – Level 1
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There are many types of English spoken around the globe; Canadian English is one of them. It is by and large the outcome of the two earliest settlement waves, with an amalgamation of American and British conventions into its composition.

The vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation of Canadian English

Canadian English has its own dictionaries and the Canadian Press has its own style guide. It exists as a separate variety of English, with subtle, distinctive features of pronunciation and vocabulary.

Where American and British spellings vary, Canadian English opts for the British version in most cases, but not all. There are also some words and expressions exclusive to Canadian English, such as the word washroom.

Pronunciation is the most striking difference between British English and Canadian English.


This fun and effective language course will help you master Canadian English, improve your pronunciation skills as well polish your accent.

This programme will prepare you with key expressions and phrases that will help you to engage in simple, friendly conversations and convey a sense of appreciation for the language and the country.

  • Discover the alphabet and sounds used in Canadian English
  • Get familiar and become more comfortable with the ‘Canadian’ accent
  • Learn how Canadian English differs from modern English
  • Learn how to introduce yourself and others
  • Learn and implement colours into your communication
  • Explore the use of numbers 1-20
  • Know the days of the week
  • Learn to convey simple greetings
  • Talk about your occupation
  • Discuss countries and talk about where you live
  • Learn to ask and tell the time
  • Exchange contact details
  • Hold a conversation about your general food likes and dislikes
  • Explore your way around the kitchen


  • Beyond connection, learning a new language is an advantage when you are seeking employment, education, or even leisure in a foreign land.
  • Travelling will be easier and more fun. When you visit a country and you know the language, you present yourself with the opportunity to meet a lot more people and gain a deeper, more meaningful experience.
  • There are many surprising health benefits of learning a foreign language such as an improved memory and an increased attention span, so whatever your age, the health benefits of learning a foreign language will surely upgrade your life and safeguard your brain for old age,
  • No matter how hard or easy you may find learning a language, it will give you a sense of achievement, which in turn will boost your confidence.
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