Conservation Diploma

Conservation Diploma
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In an ever-changing world where as humans, we are expanding exponentially and creating more and more infrastructure to support this growth, it is important to preserve the world we live in. This, combined with the rise of consumerism creates a dangerous cocktail of destruction for what’s left of the natural world.

Mass production of goods and sprawling metropolis’s is having a detrimental effect on planet Earth, something that is on the verge of becoming irreversible. Climate change is a major sign that the world we live in is changing and changing right before our eyes. Even in the UK where summers typically consist of one hot week in mid-July, temperatures have soared in 2018.

Why should I enrol?

This course will teach you the ways to help sustain the Earth’s resources, both animal and mineral. Although you may not be able to influence the growing consumption of our resources, it is true that if everyone does their bit, then changes can be made for the better of our home planet.


  • This course will teach you the basics of ecology and the environment
  • You will learn about how we, as humans, impact the planet we live on, and how we can go about reversing the damage that past generations have done
  • You will learn the science behind climate change
  • This course will also teach you about the devastating effects of deforestation
  • You’ll cover the impact our way of living is having on the plants and animals on planet Earth
  • You might even save money and use less fuel, as you will see the effects our fuel consumption is having on our planet
  • Introduction to ecology
  • A perspective of the problems of environment
  • Forestry and deforestation
  • Water and the soil
  • Pollution
  • The greenhouse effect, the ozone layer, poisons and waste materials
  • Management of vegetation and birds
  • Fisheries management
  • Marine conservation
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