Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis
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Dreams have always been a mysterious function of the mind. They mainly occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of the sleep cycle when brain activity is still high, resembling that of being awake. It is thought that the average human dreams between three to five times a night, but with the other dreams occurring during other stages of sleep, these dreams are much less vivid or memorable.

Analysing dreams has been a psychic discipline for centuries and mankind are convinced that dreams can predict the future. Famous examples include Albert Einstein dreaming about the principles of relativity, and Niels Bohr who had an inspirational dream that led to his discovery of the structure of the atom.

This course will help you to unravel the manifestation in consciousness of the sub-conscious mind and teach you how to interpret dreams.


  • Oneiromancy – Divination by the Interpretation of Dreams
  • Ancient Beliefs
  • Dreams – Some Famous Interpretations
  • Psychology and Dreams
  • Dream Analysis
  • Interpreting Dreams
  • A Dictionary of Signs and Symbols
  • The Language of the Unconscious


  • Interpret yours and other people’s dreams to see what their mind is trying to tell them
  • Understand your own mind better
  • Implement the knowledge you learn into a potential career working as a Counsellor
  • Oneiromancy - divination by the interpretation of dreams
  • Ancient beliefs
  • Dreams - some famous interpretations
  • Sleep - why it is necessary
  • Psychology and dreams
  • Dream analysis
  • Interpreting dreams
  • A dictionary of signs & symbols
  • The language of the unconscious
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