Tasseography and lithomancy Diploma

Tasseography and lithomancy Diploma
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Tasseography, also known as Tealeaf reading, is an ancient fortune telling method used by some psychics to predict the future by interpreting the random arrangements and patterns of tealeaves inside a teacup.

Lithomancy is a form of divination by which the future is told using stones or the reflected light from said stones. The practice is most popular in the British Isles.


  • Learn about the history of Tasseography
  • Discover how to prepare the cup for reading
  • Understand the significance of the positions of the leaves
  • Decipher the method of divination from coffee grounds
  • Understand and interpret the shapes that can occur in the leaves
  • Learn about the history of lithomancy
  • Understand how to perform lithomancy
  • Explore the zodiacal influences on the stones
  • Discover how find your birth number
  • Understand the properties of the semi precious stones
  • Understand the most important principle in reading
  • Understand what contributes to a sensitive reading
  • Understand how to deal with lack of intuition


Once you successfully tap into this extrasensory perception, you can enjoy several benefits from using the techniques:

  • Psychic development will present you with some business opportunities. Sufficient to say that you can start your own psychic business, give advice and psychic readings.
  • This course will prepare you with the code of ethics and your responsibilities for professional counselling.
  • You can use the knowledge of this mysterious art to give you an insight into what is important in your life and allow yourself the time for introspection.
  • You will meet new people and this could be the beginning of a fascinating friendship.
  • Your knowledge and intuition can be very consoling and help people to gain a new perspective on their life.
  • History of tasseography
  • Interpretation
  • Divination
  • Symbols, shapes and meanings
  • Tea and coffee cup reading
  • Counselling methods
  • Biblical connections
  • Astrological connections
  • Divination
  • Ancient methods of lithomancy
  • Dictionary of stones and crystals
  • Counselling methods
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