How to Build Face Appliques

How to Build Face Appliques
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If you’re a crafter looking for a new and unique challenge, then this fantastic-value online video course is just what you’re looking for, especially if you have a masked ball on the horizon. This course has been tailored to show you every step involved in creating exotic New Orleans-inspired face appliques.

What’s Involved in Creating a Face Applique?

Makeup and mask expert will take you through every step involved in fashioning beautiful feather and rhinestone, lace and crystal masks. As well as sharing specialist techniques to create these beautiful accessories. There is also a wealth of information on exactly which tools and products are needed to begin your creations.

How Does The Course Work?

This video-based training is ideal for learning how to make face appliques as the student is totally free to proceed at their own pace and repeat the lessons as often as necessary in order to achieve the correct results. With the flexibility to study whenever and wherever suits best, this is the ideal solution for busy people who need to fit their hobby around their existing commitments.


  • Start with an introduction to building face appliques.
  • Over two detailed video lessons, learn how to create beautiful feather and rhinestone appliques.
  • Next, find out how to create stunning crystal appliques over two parts.
  • Progress to four video lessons on how to make intricate lace mask appliques.
  • Discover the best technique for preparing the canvas.
  • Learn all you need to know when it comes to mask eyes.
  • Focus on how to create bewitching feather and rhinestone eyes.
  • Get to grips with making sparkling crystal eyes.
  • Sum up your new-found creative expertise with the conclusion.


  • Enjoy learning your new skill on all your internet-enabled devices, whenever and wherever you want to.
  • Technical support is available, should you need assistance.
  • Access to the course is for a full year on signing up.
  • eLearning provides a cost effective and flexible way to learn a new skill.
  • Not only will you learn to create the masks, you will also learn how to apply them and complement them with beautiful makeup looks.
  • Learning to create gorgeous face appliques is an enjoyable and rewarding activity, whether you’re learning to make them for a specific occasion or just for fun.
  • Introduction
  • Feather and Rhinestone Appliques - Part1
  • Feather and Rhinestone Appliques - Part2
  • Crystal Appliques - Part1
  • Crystal Appliques - Part2
  • Crystal Appliques - Part3
  • Lace Mask Appliques - Part1
  • Lace Mask Appliques - Part2
  • Lace Mask Appliques - Part3
  • Lace Mask Appliques - Part4
  • Preparing the Canvas
  • Mask Eyes
  • Feather and Rhinestone Eyes
  • Crystal Eyes
  • Conclusion
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