Animal Psychology Diploma

Animal Psychology Diploma
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Pets are an important part of any family, and many families consider their pet to be an inclusive family member so understanding the psychology of your pets is an important aspect of the relationship, like it would be with any other family member.

Looking after your pet’s needs and understanding them is very rewarding as it can avoid any potential setbacks and misbehaviour. This course will cover the natural instincts and behaviours of dogs, cats and other common pets. It includes domestication, and how to prevent psychiatric issues. You will also learn how pets think, learn and feel, why they exhibit certain behaviours and how to read their communication signs.

This course is ideal for anyone who is considering a career working with pets, if you’re interested in learning more about animal psychology with the view to providing a service as a pet psychologist, and anyone who is a pet owner and wants a better understanding of how they think and feel.


  • Have a clear knowledge of the process of domestication
  • Understand how pets communicate through smell and sound
  • Identify a pet’s body language
  • Pet behaviours – from junior to senior years
  • Common pet psychiatric challenges and solving inappropriate behaviours
  • Separation anxiety, fears and phobias in pets


  • Understand the behaviours and feelings of the most common household pets.
  • Improve your relationship with your pet.
  • Implement the knowledge you learn into a potential career working with animals.
  • Experienced and qualified tutors available to support you throughout your course.
  • Post module assessments to help you track your development and back up the knowledge.
  • Pet Evolution
  • Dog Communication
  • Canine Normal Behaviour
  • Understanding Canine Actions
  • Common Canine Psychiatric Challenges
  • Canine Anxiety, Fear and Aggression
  • Cat Communication
  • Feline Normal Behaviour
  • Understanding Feline Actions
  • Common Feline Psychiatric Challenges
  • Feline Anxiety, Fear and Aggression
  • Rabbit Psychology
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