Dog walking and pet home sitting professional Diploma

Dog walking and pet home sitting professional Diploma
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Are you considering a career in the pet care business or just looking to gain a better understanding of the subject? This Dog walking and pet home sitting professional diploma is the right place to start.

Looking after people’s pets is very gratifying within it self, but imagine practicing it as a career with increasing opportunity.

As a dog walker and pet sitter, your role will be to properly care for the animal with food, exercise and attention, as when pet owners aren’t with their pets, they want complete peace of mind knowing they are in good hands and being cared for properly.

This professional diploma will get you to grips with all the knowledge and understanding you need to start off a successful pet business.

Why should I enrol onto this course?

The programme is suitable for anyone, so enrol and gain skills that present you with an opportunity of occasional employment and interesting breaks from routine, as it has no age barrier.

As a Pet-sitter you can enjoy new places and explore new surroundings, caring for other people’s pets while they’re away. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy the company of animals without the commitment or expense of owning them yourself.

This course also offers you a rewarding way of learning everything required to enhance your pet care knowledge base for use in the dog walking, pet and home sitting business.

The 13 modules will play an important part to your learning interests and give you further scope and improved knowledge as you become more experienced.

The programme is flexible and can be studied from anywhere, at anytime that best fits around your existing commitments.


This course will equip you with a better understanding and knowledge of the pet care business, and essential information to care for clients’ pets in a responsible, professional and safe manner.

Recognise the importance of Animal safety, and identify potential threats to Health, Safety and Security.

Identify the common types of zoonosis and how they are contracted and establish disease control methods.

Get Started Running your Pet Care Business, understand the financial implications on being self-employed, discover how advertising plays a crucial role in growing your client base. Learn how to establish a good business reputation.

Identify the key responsibilities of a pet sitter and the importance of holding valid CRB checks. Explore how to ensure the property and animals are safe and secure, and learn about the different ways of keeping a client informed while they are away.

Get to grips with records and checklists associated with service visits and learn how to present your clients with a good first impression and be able to answer all client questions.

Explore the basics of Dog walking; be up to date with Law relating to dogs and be capable to deal with aggressive dogs safely and identify canine body language.

Gain a thorough understanding of how to handle and transport animals. Learn techniques to handle exotic pets and recognize the importance of understanding animal behaviour.

Be equipped with the essential basics of the different restraints and handling equipment available.

Acquire knowledge about how to apply general First Aid and be able to deal with other animal ailments as well as learn how to administer medications.

Be able to identify groups and breed in cats and dogs. Understand the link between training and behaviour, and know how to best keep cats and dogs groomed to looking their best.

Know how to adapt the care for elderly cats and dogs and be mindful of the most common canine diseases.

Understand how to care for poultry and explore basic bird care and learn of the commitment required for owing or caring for a bird of pray.

Establish the different common pet fish and the differences in the care needed for each species (marine, tropical and cold water).

Discover the environmental needs of reptiles and recognise the care needed for tortoises, turtles, terrapins, snakes and lizards. Identify the difficulty in keeping some reptiles and understand common diseases.

Discover the different groups and breeds of the rodent family, learn how to care for their nutrition, how to house them and the importance of exercise. Explore their behaviour patterns and how to train and groom them. Gain knowledge of the common diseases amongst this family too.

Get acquainted with Rabbits and Guinea pigs and get to know the nutritional, housing and exercise requirements associated with them.


  • No pre-requisite required to enrol onto this course.
  • Boost your career with a endorsed Diploma.
  • Readily available for you to access online from anywhere.
  • The multiple-choice question assessment at the end of each module will help you remember the main points of each lesson.
  • Studying this programme will boost your current career status and present you with an opportunity to set-up your own practice.
  • Welcome Safety, Health and hygiene
  • Getting Started Running Your Pet Care Business
  • Pet Sitting basics
  • Per Service Visit
  • Dog walking
  • Handling and transporting animals
  • Handling and transporting animals
  • Dogs and cats
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Reptiles
  • Hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice
  • Rabbits and Guinea pigs
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