Photography Masterclass

Photography Masterclass
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Get snap happy with this exciting and comprehensive photography course, which includes brand new lessons to coincide with this brand new year! Whether you’re hoping to develop a career in the field, or you’d like to complete the course for personal benefit, this complete guide to photography will ensure you know the difference between aperture and autofocus in no time at all!

Develop your Snapping Talent

The world of photography may be a competitive one, but if you think you have a talent that can be nurtured, what’s stopping you from taking the next step towards a photography career? Boost your confidence and gain some of the essential skills and know-how required to succeed and watch your business flourish.

25 Easy to Manage Modules

Learn new techniques and build on existing skills by working your way through the modules that make up this exciting course, where you will cover topics including composition, lighting and shooting images manually. No matter how much previous experience you have, you will be able to create standout images by the time you’ve completed the course; the sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll be snapping picture perfect photos!

Key learning points

As an ‘all-rounder’ photography masterclass course, the syllabus would be suited to photographers of all levels, from absolute beginners to talented photographers who wish to brush up on their existing skills.

  • Get to grips with camera exposure and understand the basics within 3 minutes!
  • Take a look at photographs taken by previous students, to see what you can be achieving upon completion.
  • Learn more about the history of photography, and the more modern techniques that we can enjoy using nowadays.
  • Take a look at the various parts of a camera, and the types of camera available to photographers, ranging from smartphone and point & shoot pieces, to mirrorless and DSLR equipment.
  • Understand some of the basic camera features required for taking a photograph, including shutters & sensors, the viewfinder focus, burst mode and digital file formats.
  • Learn how to shoot a picture manually, and understand the concepts of exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus and how to shoot in different environments, e.g. night, low light and shooting moving objects.
  • Gain valuable know-how on taking better composition photographs, and realise the importance of the rule of thirds (and when this can be disregarded), perspective, wide angle, zoom, depth of field, panoramic compositions and adding emotion by subtracting colour.
  • Enjoy some live demonstrations to help you to understand certain concepts and principles, including shooting portraits, landscapes and flowers.
  • Absorb and retain some essential tips that can help you to compose better photographs of nature, landscapes, children, pets and portraits.
  • Learn more about the importance of light and how it can be used to enhance a photograph.
  • Appreciate the importance of tripods and monopods for stabilisation.
  • Get to grips with long exposure photography, including what gear is required and how to set up your camera to ensure it is completed effectively.
  • Learn how to take better pictures with your smartphone – including how to create the perfect selfie!
  • Gain valuable insight into how to build your complete camera kit, from lenses and filters to memory cards and camera bags.
  • Delve into the various lenses that are available, and which ones can be used for which effects.
  • Understand the basics of the Lightroom, Photoshop and iPhoto software and how they can be used to edit photographs effectively.
  • Gain insight into how you can make money from photography, including selling your photos, and becoming a wedding photographer.
  • Take a look at some of the core features of popular camera brands, including Sony, Nikon, Canon and Fuji.

advantages of this course

  • Study online at a time that suits you – flexible learning means you can work around your existing commitments without the pressure of deadlines.
  • Easy to navigate, manageable modules mean you can pick up and put down the resources at any point.
  • Give your confidence and career a boost with a course that will help you to visualise being a photography master!
  • Boost your income by becoming a freelance photographer – love your job creating gorgeous photographs and getting paid for it!

Turn a creative hobby into an employment opportunity by signing up to this photography masterclass today!

Introduction to the Course
  • What will you learn in this course & who is it for?
  • Dive In! How does camera exposure work in under 3 minutes!
  • Success! How will you succeed in this course?
  • Course Requirements - what do you need to take this course?
  • Who are we - the instructors?
  • Map to Success - What are you interested in learning?
Welcome: Check Out Our Student Work
  • 2015 Student Photo Competition Slideshow
  • 2015 Photo Competition Winners
Photography Basics
  • Introduction to the Photography Basics section
  • A brief history of photography
  • The longer version of the history of photography
  • Modern photography - where are we today?
  • From iPhone to fancy DSLR: the basic photographers toolbox
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Understanding the Camera
  • Introduction to the Understanding the Camera section
  • Types of cameras
  • Camera Type: DSLR
  • Camera Type: Smart Phone
  • Camera Type: Point & Shoot
  • Camera Type: Mirrorless
  • Camera Type: Mirrorless Part 2
  • Shutters & Sensors
  • Sensor Size Chart
  • How does the camera work?
  • File Formats - RAW vs. JPEG
  • The Power of Shooting in RAW Revealed
  • How to Adjust the Viewfinder Focus
  • White Balance Symbol Chart
  • Understanding Burst Mode
  • Scene Modes Chart
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Drop Auto - Learn to Shoot Manually
  • Introduction to the Drop Auto section
  • What is exposure?
  • What is aperture (aka. f-stop or iris)?
  • Aperture Charts
  • What is shutter speed?
  • Dive deeper into shutter speed & watch a slow motion shutter
  • What is ISO?
  • What is the exposure triangle, and how does it work?
  • Exposure Triangle - Diagram & Examples
  • Live Demonstration - Getting the Right Exposure
  • Using your camera's light meter
  • How to use the camera's Histogram
  • Practice - Set your exposure for 3 scenarios!
  • What is focus - depth of field explained
  • Depth of Field - Visualized
  • Getting in focus using the auto-focus mode
  • Getting in focus using the manual mode
  • Shooting fast objects
  • Practice - Taking pictures of cars!
  • Shooting in low light
  • Shooting at night
  • Practice - Taking pictures inside!
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Composition - Shoot Better Photos
  • Introduction to the Composition section
  • What is composition?
  • The rule of thirds
  • When to throw out the rule of thirds
  • Rule of Thirds: Visualized
  • Perspective: changing your angle
  • Perspective: Visualized
  • Live Demonstration - Getting Great Compositions
  • What's the Mood of your photo?
  • Wide Angle vs Telephoto & Zoom
  • Wide vs. Telephoto Lenses: Visualized
  • Choosing a background
  • Panoramic compositions
  • How to position your subject
  • Focus on the details
  • Using depth of field creatively
  • Colors - think about how colors affect your photos
  • Black & White photos - adding emotion by subtracting color
  • Practice - Go on a photo adventure!
  • Phil's Photo Walk - Let's look at his photos!
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
  • Bokeh - What is it? How to achieve it?
  • What is Macro Photography?
Live Demonstrations - Real & Raw Hands-On Photography
  • Intro to Live Demonstrations
  • Intro to Live Demonstrations
  • Live Demonstration - Shooting at Echo Park
  • Tips for Street Photography
  • Live Demonstration - Shooting Portraits
  • Live Demonstration - Flowers, Focus, and Low Light Photography
  • Live Demonstration - Low Light Photography
  • Live Demonstration - Shooting Down by the LA River
  • In Camera vs. Editing - What's the Balance?
Quick Tips for Better Photography
  • Introduction to the Situational Photography section
  • 5 Tips for Better Landscape Photos
  • 5 Tips for Better Nature Photos
  • Practice - Get outside and take some pictures!
  • 5 Tips for Better Portraits
  • 5 Tips for Better Portrait Lighting
  • 5 Tips for Better Photos of Kids (or Pets)
  • Practice - Take pictures of your kid (or pet)!
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Lighting - How to light your photos
  • Introduction to the Lighting section
  • What is light?
  • What types of light sources do we have?
  • Understanding light temperatures
  • Light Temperature Chart
  • Setting your white balance properly
  • What is three-point light?
  • Complete guide to three-point lighting
  • Using ambient light
  • Using Natural Light Creatively
  • Using the flash
  • Better Flash Photography with a Lightscoop Pop-up Flash Bouncer
  • Practice - use your flash!
  • Shooting slhouettes
  • How to take a silhouette photo - diagram
  • Live Demonstration - Shooting Silhouettes
  • Practice: Take a silhouette photo!
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Using Stabilization - Tripods, Monopods, more?
  • Introduction to the Stabilization section
  • Tripod Tips
  • Monopod Tips
  • Other types of stabilization
  • Tips for better handheld photography
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Long Exposure Photography
  • Section Intro
  • What is Long Exposure Photography
  • Gear You Need for Long Exposures
  • Camera Settings for Long Exposures
  • How to Set Shutter Speed
  • How to Shoot Long Exposure Photos with an iPhone
  • Live Demonstration of Long Exposure Photography Part 1
  • Live Demonstration of Long Exposure Photography Part 2
  • Editing Long Exposure in Lightroom 1
  • Editing Long Exposure in Lightroom 2
Smartphone Photography - Take better photos, the selfie way!
  • Introduction to the Modern Photography section
  • Detailed look at a smart phone & our favorite apps
  • Live Demonstration - iPhone vs. DSLR
  • Using our favorite iPhone app
  • How to take better pictures with your smartphone
  • Tips for composing better square images & Instagram success!
  • Practice - Take your best smart phone photo!
  • Making money with your smartphone images
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Purchasing a Camera & Additional Equipment
  • Introduction to the Purchasing a Camera section
  • How to purchase a camera - what's your goal?
  • How to build your complete camera kit
  • Where should you buy a camera?
  • What's in our camera bag?
  • Memory Cards
  • Lenses & Filters
  • Batteries & Chargers
  • Stabilization - Tripods, Monopods, Gorillapods
  • Flashes & Lighting
  • Camera Cases & Bags
  • Practice: Put together your camera kit!
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Lenses - Diving deep into lens types and styles
  • Introduction to the Lens section
  • What is focal length?
  • What standard lenses should you have?
  • Depth of Field - Revisited
  • What are our favorite lenses?
  • Fisheye lenses
  • Tilt shift (aka swing shift) lenses
  • Tilt-Shift Video Example
  • Polarizing, ND, and UV filters
  • Polarizing Filter: Visualized
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Photo Editing in Lightroom
  • Introduction to the Photo Editing section
  • What is photo editing, and why do we do it?
  • What programs do we like for editing?
  • How to get a free trial of Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Importing and Organization in Lightroom
  • Rating photographs - what is our process?
  • Practice - Import & rate your photos!
  • Adjusting exposure
  • Adjusting color temperature(white balance)
  • Cropping
  • Sharpening
  • Adjusting Saturation & Vibrance in Lightroom
  • Brightness & contrast
  • Vignettes & blurs
  • Exporting & saving
  • Practice - Improve your photos in Lightroom!
  • Getting Rid of Blemishes in Lightroom
  • Hue, Saturation, Luminance controls in Lightroom
  • Adjustment Brush
Photo Editing in Photoshop
  • Editing a RAW Photo in Photoshop
  • Editing a JPEG Photo in Photoshop
  • Stitching together a panorama in Photoshop
  • Get Rid of Blemishes in Photoshop - No more zits!
  • How to Composite Images in Photoshop
Editing Photos in iPhoto
  • Importing & Organization in iPhoto
  • Quick Fixes in iPhoto - How to quickly make your photos look amazing!
  • Using the Effects Tab in iPhoto
  • Advanced Photo Adjustments in iPhoto
  • Exporting/Saving Photos from iPhoto
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Make Money with Photography
  • Introduction to the Making Money with Photography section
  • What jobs can you do with photography?
  • Branding yourself
  • Tips for branding yourself
  • Tell everyone, everywhere
  • Sharing your photographs - our favorite sites
  • Creating a website/portfolio
  • What you need to put in a website
  • What should you charge as a photographer?
  • Finding freelance photography work
  • Unique ways to dive into photography
  • Landing a full-time photography job
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Selling your Photographs - Where to sell, licensing tips, and more!
  • Introduction to the Sell Your Photographs section
  • Best stock photo sites for making money online
  • How one guy made $15,000 in one day on Instagram
  • Selling your own photography
  • Understanding licensing
  • How to license your photos
  • Fair Use photographs
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Wedding Photography
  • Who is the instructor (Will Carnahan)?
  • Why should you become a wedding photographer?
  • 5 Tips for Being a Better Wedding photographer
  • Overview of what to shoot at a wedding
Canon Camera Overview & Settings
  • Introduction to the Camera Anatomy & Settings section
  • Practice: Play with your buttons!
  • The Camera Menu - Let's go through it together - Canon
  • Changing Image Quality - Canon
  • Picture Styles on a Canon
  • Image Review on a Canon
  • Formatting a memory card - Canon
  • Practice - Choose your settings!
  • Conclusion - what did we learn in this section?
Nikon Camera Overview & Settings
  • Detailed look at a Nikon DSLR
  • The Nikon Info Button
  • The Camera Menu - Let's go through it together - Nikon
  • Changing Image Quality on a Nikon
  • Image Review on a Nikon
  • Formatting Your Camera on a Nikon
Sony Camera Overview
  • Intro to Sony Camera
  • Detailed Look at Sony Mirrorless Camera
  • Learn the Menu of a Sony Camera
  • Shooting with a Sony Camera
  • How to Format a Memory Card on a Sony Camera
  • Sony A7S ii vs. A7R ii
Fuji Camera Overview
  • Fuji X-T1 Overview
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