MS Excel 2013 Package – Introduction, Intermediate And Advanced

MS Excel 2013 Package – Introduction, Intermediate And Advanced
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This e-Learning journey will take you through a package of courses all dedicated to Microsoft Excel 2013. This widely used spreadsheet program and the tools within it will be featured in-depth in these 3 interactive courses, which are designed to take your skills from beginner to advanced level. All courses are flexible, so you can pick them up and study at your own pace. and with the addition of a virtual tutor guiding you through the lessons and exercises, support is there when you need it. There are 98 lessons and around 49 study hours in this course package, so you will have plenty of time to practise what you’ve learned, and make the most of the study material.

What Will I learn?

This course package contains all you need to know about MS Excel 2013, so as you work through it you will become proficient in spreadsheet creation and management. Learners will cover creating worksheets, entering and formatting values, and calculating formulas. As you reach the more advanced course you’ll get to grips with cell properties and styles, sorting and filtering data, and analysing data through created charts.

Who Is This For?

This course is ideal for anyone who works with figures and data entry in their work or personal life. It will benefit learners looking for new job or business opportunities, as well as being useful for personal and business budgeting or calculations. As a package of courses it’s ideal for anyone who wants to quickly cover different levels of MS Excel 2013, and who will benefit from the learn at your own pace, wherever you are ethos.


Take your knowledge of MS Excel 2013 from beginner through to advanced level.

MS Excel 2013 Introduction

  • Get to grips with the MS Excel 2013 user interface.
  • Learn how to create tables using easy step by step methods.
  • Try entering values into cells correctly.
  • Look at cell formatting, including conditional formatting.
  • Begin manipulating cells and cell range.
  • Become familiar with working in a worksheet and an entire file.
  • Learn how to turn your data into a chart.
  • Try making calculations using basic MS Excel formulas.

MS Excel 2013 Intermediate

  • This course delves further into making calculations.
  • Look into logical and text functions.
  • Broaden your knowledge of referencing principles.
  • Try entering a series of data into worksheet cells.
  • Get to grips with advance filter and sort data options.
  • Use the search function to find specific values in bigger tables.
  • Learn how best to split longer text entries into separate columns within a table.

MS Excel 2013 Advanced

  • Learn more about creating charts and how to use them.
  • Look at how to automate your work in Excel by using macros.
  • Become familiar with inserting graphics into worksheets.
  • Look at SmartArt Graphics and shapes and how to use them.
  • Prepare a table or work sheet for printing.
  • Examine the different ways you can share and protect workbook data.
  • Go more in-depth into using macros, especially how to create and edit them.
  • Look at the different options for macro security.


  • It’s an Official Microsoft Excel course, so you are learning from the best material.
  • Each course has a virtual tutor guiding you through the exercises and lessons through written and audio instructions.
  • Make the most of the different teaching tools, designed to stimulate through exercises, illustration and quizzes.
  • Three automated help options are available if you need assistance completing tasks.
  • All your progress and results are stored on the system, so you can easily pick things up where you left off next time you login in for a study session.
  • Make use of the search function if you want to tailor your own study sessions.
  • If you’re applying for jobs in administration, business, or setting up your own project, then this course will be a great addition to your CV.
  • MS Excel 2013: Introduction
  • MS Excel 2013: Intermediate
  • MS Excel 2013: Advanced
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