Microsoft Office 2013 – Library of 15 Interactive Courses

Microsoft Office 2013 – Library of 15 Interactive Courses
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This great value library of 15 interactive MS Office 2013 courses will help you develop advanced-level skills in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Access.

Who Is This For?

As one of the most commonly used software suites in the world, you’re likely to find Microsoft Office in many places of work - making MS Office courses a clear asset to have on your CV. Investing in MS Office skills is also a wise move for a business owner. Many people use MS Office programs at home or during the course of wider study too.

How Will I Learn?

There are 353 lessons taking approximately 177 study hours included in this package, so you can have confidence that it includes all you need to know. All study is completed online at a time and place that's convenient for you.


Work through the 15 courses at your own pace to gain a great all-round knowledge of Microsoft Office 2013.

  • Start with an introduction to MS Word 2013 and familiarise yourself with the program interface and how to navigate within it. Learn to enter basic text and look at some basic functions, tools and settings.
  • In MS Word 2013 Intermediate you'll learn to adjust the program to suit your needs i.e. how to format effectively, apply templates, work with tables and insert graphical objects.
  • Continue in MS Word 2013 Advanced to learn how to split documents, insert a title page and watermark, and work with tables. Familiarise yourself with multiple user tools.
  • In MS Excel 2013 Introduction you'll get to grips with the program, its documents and how to control them. Learn how to create tables, work with the cells, create a chart and master basic calculations.
  • In MS Excel 2013 Intermediate you'll broaden your basic knowledge by the application of logical and text functions. You'll also learn how to sort and filter data, search specific values, and how to split text entries in tables into individual data placed into several columns.
  • Continue on to the MS Excel 2013 Advanced course which focuses on the creation of charts and automation of the work in the program using macros. Also look at the insertion of graphical elements, printing, and protecting and sharing the workbook content.
  • In MS Powerpoint 2013 Introduction you'll study the user interface and various views of the presentations. You'll also learn how to enter text and graphics, insert new slides and change the layout.
  • Continue on your Powerpoint learning journey with the Intermediate course which teaches skills such as inserting and editing additional objects, organising slides and examining the presentation themes in details.
  • Complete your MS Powerpoint 2013 study by developing advanced skills including performing the last adjustments in a presentation, working with animation effects and settings, setting the properties of the presented slide and more.
  • In Introduction to MS Outlook 2013 you'll learn to send, receive, print and organise messages within the program interface.
  • In MS Outlook 2013 Intermediate you'll develop skills including learning to use the Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Journal folders for a variety of functions.
  • Continue with Advanced level MS Outlook 2013 and learn to organise your appointments using the Calendar, assign tasks to colleagues, import and export Outlook data and share information with other users.
  • In MS Access 2013 Introduction you'll learn the basics of working in the Access program, including basic terminology and creating tables, simple forms and reports.
  • Continue with Intermediate MS Access 2013 to learn how to create calculated fields in queries that operate with functions. Also create forms in Design view, learn how to design and edit reports, and perform calculations.
  • Develop Advanced MS Access 2013 skills including understanding action queries and working with macros, importing and exporting objects, the normalisation of data and navigation in a database.


  • This fantastic value bundle includes 15 courses.
  • Bite-sized modules are easy to fit in around your other commitments.
  • All you need is a compatible computer or device and internet access to begin.
  • Study when and where is convenient.
  • Gain all-round knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Interactive lessons make for engaging learning.
  • MS Office skills are an asset in many different jobs and situations.
  • Course library includes MS Word 2013, MS Excel 2013, MS Powerpoint 2013, MS Outlook 2013 and MS Access 2013.
  • Work through introduction, intermediate and advanced courses in each program.
  • A smart purchase for those looking to secure an office or admin-based position.
  • A convenient buy for business owners looking to train themselves or their staff in MS Office 2013.
  • Add sought after skills in the five key Microsoft Office programs to your CV to give it an advantage over the competition.
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