Microsoft Office 2016 Training

Microsoft Office 2016 Training
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Competency with Microsoft Office isn’t just an extremely useful life skill, it’s a career-enhancing attribute that will open doors to fulfilling roles in all kinds of businesses. This superb-value online training bundle is designed to get you proficient in all aspects of Microsoft Office 2016, the very latest version of the software.

What’s Included?

By the time you finish the training bundle, you’ll be confident working with the 2016 versions of database software Microsoft Access, spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel, email application Microsoft Outlook, presentation software Microsoft PowerPoint and word-processing program Microsoft Word.

How Does It Work?

Training on each software program is split into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections, so the content is geared to novices as well as those with some prior knowledge. And because the training is online, it’s easy to fit around existing professional and personal commitments.


Work through the beginner, intermediate and advanced modules on each software package to learn all you need to know about Microsoft Office 2016.

Microsoft Access 2016

  • Start with an introduction before moving on to elements, reviewing data, queries, tracking time and design work with forums.
  • In the intermediate module, learn about relationships, changing information, loading tables, relating invoices and the time entry form.
  • Enhance your knowledge of queries and find out about reports based on queries, adding additional information, update query and how to create a report from scratch.

Microsoft Excel 2016

  • Get to grips with tabs and ribbons, cells, calculations and printing.
  • Learn more about tabs and explore menus and keyboard shortcuts, formulas and calculations, importing data and invoices.
  • Master advanced invoicing, number crunching, creating a pivot table from scratch and smaller Excel components.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

  • Digest the introduction then explore options for displaying email messages, creating and sending emails, receiving emails, calendar, contacts and tasks.
  • Revisit creating emails, calendars and contacts before moving on to folder structure, multiple email accounts, signatures and Outlook settings.
  • Get a comprehensive introduction to OneNote and learn how to use OneNote in conjunction with PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and mobile devices. Next explore sharing information and additional elements.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

  • Learn about what PowerPoint is, then explore how to create a new presentation, how to view a presentation, how to insert transitions and create visual designs.
  • Move on to visual designs with logos and animation, exit animation, navigation buttons and layout options.
  • Find out about master pages, software simulation, setting pictures to music, advanced animation techniques, triggers, motion path animation and video before reviewing your knowledge and looking at additional options.

Microsoft Word 2016

  • Get an introduction to the Word interface before moving on to view, typing, resume and bullet list.
  • Next, get an insight into menus and keyboard shortcuts, tabs, tables, styles and page formatting.
  • Finally, find out about creating an outline, inserting images, tracking changes, mail merge, large documents, other Word functions and document comparison.


We have developed an expert team over the last 10 years since our inception. In that time, we have trained over 600,000 delegates globally, which has helped offer the highest quality training, and we have earned a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, from over 10,000 students. 

  • Get all the advantages of a live class at a fraction of the cost and time commitment.
  • Use the navigation and control tools to pause, rewind and fast-forward content to take control of the pace of your learning.
  • Expert instructors with over 15 years of professional experience provide real-world scenarios you can relate to your job.
  • Visual demonstrations and multimedia presentation make learning easy to engage with.
  • Flash cards and educational games ensure a wide range of learning styles are catered for.
  • Exam simulators and practice quizzes after each module enable you to progress in confidence,
  • Technical support is available, should you require it.
  • Becoming a competent and confident user of Microsoft Office 2016 isn’t just an investment in your career, it’s a useful life skill that will benefit you in many areas.

Get confident with the very latest in Microsoft Office by signing up to the Microsoft Office 2016 Certification Training Bundle today.

  • Access Beginner
  • Access Intermediate
  • Access Advanced
  • Excel 2016 Beginner
  • Excel 2016 Intermediate
  • Excel 2016 Advanced
  • Outlook Beginner
  • Outlook Intermediate
  • Outlook Advanced
  • PowerPoint Beginner
  • PowerPoint Intermediate
  • PowerPoint Advanced
  • Word Beginner
  • Word Intermediate
  • Word Advanced
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