ITIL® Expert Level - Managing across the Lifecycle (MALC) Training

ITIL® Expert Level - Managing across the Lifecycle (MALC) Training
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Develop the knowledge and skills required to properly manage the entire ITIL® lifecycle with this advanced course. An essential step towards ITIL® Expert status, the ITIL® MALC training gives senior IT managers everything they need to understand and implement the ITIL® framework across their business unit.

The ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle project will of greatest value to:

  • Senior IT managers – CIO, CTO, COO – who are responsible for defining IT strategy and building frameworks to support it.
  • IT Consultants who specialise in service delivery transformation and strategic implementation.
  • IT professionals who want to achieve the gold standard ITIL® Expert qualification.

The ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle course will help IT professionals develop the skills they need to oversee the complete ITIL® service lifecycle and deliver the projected benefits and improvements. With a full understanding of the framework and how it is applied to an organisation, IT professionals will be able to tie service improvements to wider business strategies and goals.

Using a blend of instructor led videos and self-study resources, the ITIL® MALC course is designed for busy executives to complete at their own pace, fitting study around their workload. End of section tests help students identify when they are fully ready to sit the ITIL® MALC exams and earn the associated certificate.

Key Learning Points

Aimed at very high level service managers, the ITIL® MALC course begins with an introduction to the ITIL® framework as a whole before going into detail of each process set from the view of a service manager. Among the topics students will cover are:

  • Communication and Stakeholder Management – building a communications framework that keeps stakeholders engaged and informed throughout the ITIL® lifecycle.
  • Integrating Service Management Processes Across the Service – building robust processes to manage cases and issues across the entire service delivery framework.
  • Managing Services Across the Service Lifecycle - using the framework to manage issues as they pass through each stage of the lifecycle.
  • Governance and Organisation Measurement – Arranging organisational structures to deliver high quality IT services and applying rules to ensure frameworks are adhered to.
  • Implementing and Improving Service Management Capability – Putting the framework into operation and using measurement and assessment to implement a continuous improvement program that delivers a consistent, repeatable ROI.

Advantages of this course

Upon completion of the ITIL® MALC course, senior IT managers will be able to manage operations across the entire ITIL® lifecycle and ensure proper progression and improvement. Other benefits include:

  • A full understanding of managing both the individual ITIL® framework components, and the IT service as a whole.
  • Documented proof of understanding of Managing Across the ITIL® Lifecycle.
  • Improved management performance in an ITIL® framework.
  • Earned credits towards the ITIL® Expert qualification.
  • Improved prospects for promotion or an entirely new senior management role.

The ITIL® MALC course and exam are an essential qualification for senior IT managers who want to improve their skills and employment options, or to become more effective at managing the complete IT service cycle within their organisation. The ITIL® MALC course is also an essential step towards obtaining the full ITIL® Expert certification.

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  • Managing Across the Lifecycle - Course Introduction
  • Service Management and Value
  • Service Management Components and Roles
  • Key Risk and Knowledge Concepts
  • Exercise: MALC Case Study Analysis
  • Implement, Assess, Improve Service Management
  • Assessment Frameworks
  • 7-Step Improvement Process
  • Justifying Improvements Financially
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Exercise: Develop Assessment Criteria
  • Exercise Review: MALC Sample Exam Questions
  • Measurements: Metrics
  • Measurements: Monitor, Control & Report
  • Exercise: Applying Assessment Criteria
  • Integration: Strategic Benefits
  • Integration: Lifecycle and Phase Inputs & Outputs
  • Integration: Value to the Business Part 1
  • Integration: Value to the Business Part 2
  • Integration: Process Interfaces
  • Exercise: Internet Banking Risks
  • Exercise Review: MALC Sample Exam Questions
  • Managing Services: Requirements & Cross-Lifecycle Support
  • Managing Services: Challenges, Risks, CSFs Part 1
  • Managing Services: Challenges, Risks, CSFs Part 2
  • Exercise: Where’s the value?
  • Exercise Review: MALC Sample Exam Questions
  • Governance
  • Organizational Structures
  • Organizing Service Management
  • Exercise: “We’ve been outsourced!”
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Communication
  • Exercise: Communicating Change
  • Exercise Review: MALC Sample Exam Questions

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Online Course
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Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
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