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Welcome to Blue Mountain Training Solutions.....

Blue Mountain was founded by team of IT experts who have worked in all areas of IT for over 20 years. We have experience in day to day computing and IT recruitment through to advanced networking and programming. We know what basic users and IT professionals are looking for and what you need to get that job!


Latest Courses

Here you will gain key office skills like Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, Word and Excel Basic to Advanced levels. Excel is a key skill used by Accountants, Bookkeepers and office staff worldwide. For more in depth accounting skills the courses are also included like Sage Peachtree, QuickBooks 2009, and QuickBooks 2010.
Chartered Financial Analyst Level I certification is the first level of qualification within CFA certification program. e-Careers offers online CFA Level I training to finance professionals that allows them to study about CFA exam topics, work out practice questions and get detail explanations and more from the comfort of their home.
Financial Modeling with MS® Excel training enables professionals to handle finance models applying Microsoft Excel tools and applications with better hand.