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Latest Courses

Are you looking to get into a creative and rewarding career? Maybe you want to create an online business website or start your own DOT COM empire, either way our Latest Webmaster Mega Pack with Abobe CS6 online training package is probably the best investment you will ever make!
Here you can make amazing animated effects and web pages, learn from basic to advanced skills, learn to create first class web sites, customise existing movies and sound files, add interactivity to your webpages, and create your own professional portfolio using the latest web technologies.
You have created databases and performed database administration tasks. As business expands, organizations build data warehouses to manage the huge volumes of data and obtain strategic information from it.

Welcome to Blue Mountain Training Solutions.....

Blue Mountain was founded by team of IT experts who have worked in all areas of IT for over 20 years. We have experience in day to day computing and IT recruitment through to advanced networking and programming. We know what basic users and IT professionals are looking for and what you need to get that job!